Hi there, I'm Christina.

I’m an Interaction Design student at Northeastern University in Boston, MA currently in my fourth year (of five!). I’m incredibly passionate about the fact that design is for everyone- currently I am the Design Director at Scout, Northeastern’s Student-Led Design Studio. It’s there that I guide big picture direction of four client projects each semester as well as mentor 22 designers and developers turned friends.

I’m obsessed with making work that just works. Hand me a design problem and I’ll dive right in. Up next, I’m excited to get to know and use CSS Grid better. It’s what I used to build this site (the first site I designed in Sketch and brought alive with code), but I know I can use it in an even smarter way moving forward.

When not parked in front of my laptop with Sketch, Illustrator, Lightroom, Chrome, and Spotify simultaneously open, I can be found at JP Licks for ice cream, in a modern art museum, or at home with my dog Riley.