Research & Discovery

To begin the Agile process, I worked with the Design Director to write a creative brief to guide the project. From there, my team dove into research on online shopping and shopping as a whole. Is 16-24 the right age range for a social shopping app? What drives people to shop in person? Online? We conducted a comprehensive survey that received 60 responses from users in every age of our target range.

During this phase, we sat down with our clients and defined the Zealery brand. With lots of post-its and brand exercises, we (the clients included!) learned our way around the brand, and what the brand should be at completion of the project. Following these exercises, my team and I sat down to explore the feeling of shopping so that we could best encompass it in the app. We ended up creating a "spectrum of shopping" from window shoppers to those who are on a mission as soon as they enter a store.

Before creating digital wireframes, we crafted paper wireframes to work through the layout of the app and make sure that all screens were accounted for. The flexibility of using cut paper to wireframe allowed us to sit down and smooth out any holes so that our digital wireframes were a complete prototype.

Developing a Brand

It was important to create a brand for Zealery that would shape the way we designed the UI. Our lowercase cursive Z evolved into the Zealery hanger, and we pieced together typefaces that served as inspiration for the completely custom Zealery logotype. The coral color was one that the team and the clients liked from the beginning, and we later added the teal to differentiate the runway feature, the section of the app that required the most thought and iteration.

After a brainstorming session with the clients, we chose to rename the battle feature of the app to runway as a nod to fashion. This gameplay is unique to Zealery, but in first iterations, it was hidden within a user's profile. In the final version of the app, runway has a tab in the global navigation, which can be versatile as Zealery grows and possibly adds more gameplay features.


Zealery is a social shopping app aimed to incorporate the feeling of walking down Newbury St. with friends into online shopping. Through machine learning, users can see recommendations based on their style in tagged Facebook photos and then save items to their wishlist. From there, they are able to send up to nine items to friends in a runway where friends rapidly pick the pieces they think would look best.

As project lead and designer, I led the design process using Agile as well as was the main point of communication with the client while designing and critiquing my team's work. Over the course of three months, my team of five did extensive market research, wireframes, high fidelity designs, and complete front-end development for Zealery.

All work in collaboration with Brandon Siu, Juliana Tennett, Kevin Casas, and Sabrina Kantor.