Working on the ChargeRx logo taught me the importance of iteration- an abstract representation transformed into a literal representation of the device.

Developing a Brand

Developing a brand for ChargeRx meant designing for two very different audiences. Buyers of ChargeRx's "dual-device discs" are hospital executives who are seeking a product that is sleek, clean, and highly desired. Users of the product, however, come from all walks of life, united by the hospital waiting room and a dying device.

To design a brand that serves both audiences, we developed a recognizable mark complemented by clean, straight-forward typography. Avoiding the typical red or green motifs of charging competitors helps ChargeRx fit in to medical settings.

Designing for Usability

The dual-device discs were often confused by users in testing as devices that could charge phones by simply being underneath them. As we saw this confusion more and more, we designed the label for the device to be universally understandable. Through many iterations, we found that it was imperative to illustrate the full image of how the disc works, with an "action color" to indicate where the cords pulled out from the device and how to power it on.

The team art directed and photographed a shoot to illustrate use of the device.

Additionally, we designed a one pager site to drive the sales side of ChargeRx.


ChargeRx is a startup working to "power the patient experience" by offering portable charging options to the healthcare industry. The solution is a disc with the capability to charge an iPhone and MicroUSB device simultaneously. Scout worked to establish a brand, design labels for the charging devices as well as develop marketing collateral and a B to B website.

All work in collaboration with Isabel Mendez, Jennifer Heintz, and Josh Svoboda.